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1.   USA30Austin MCNICHOLAS160181800,00100,00100
2.   RUS35Sergei MURASHOV160262422,0092,31000
3.   FIN31Manu LUKKARINEN280262421,5092,31000
4.   RUS1Sergei IVANOV5240135123123,0091,11000
5.   GER30Simon Maximilian WOLF2124676162,9091,04000
6.   SWE1Gustaf ALBIHN2120605463,0090,00000
7.   CZE2Jan ŠPUNAR3165797182,9189,87100
8.   FIN30Niklas KOKKO4223138123154,0489,13002
9.   SVK1Rastislav ELIÁŠ5270128114143,1189,06000
10.   SWE35Hugo HÄVELID3180125111144,6788,80000
11.   SVK2Patrik JURČÁK2307612,0085,71000
12.   CZE1Michael SCHNATTINGER280504286,0084,00000
13.   SUI30Diego SIMEONI41687561145,0081,33000
14.   USA31Lucas SZYSZKA21185242105,0880,77000
15.   USA1Bryant MARKS160201644,0080,00000
16.   SUI1Valentino ZAETTA274362886,4977,78000
17.   GER31Felix NOACK212071492211,0069,01000


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Pre-tournament games

21.6. - The final pre-tournament games will be played on Saturday, 31 July. The Czech Republic will host USA in Břeclav at 18:30 CET, 12:30 ET. Meanwhile, Slovakia will host the Russia in Piešťany. Coverage of these games will be available at

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6.2. - Do you know who won the Cup last year? Which team has won the most gold medals? HERE you can review the history.

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