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Beauregard | 03.08.2021, 08:39
The Breclav Game Video links don’t show the Game live to everyone, please do it like Slovakia and show the whole game live on YouTube
DP26 Fan | 30.07.2021, 22:56
Good luck Team USA.
CR | 26.07.2021, 11:38
Are fans allowed at Saturdays pre tournament game?
Sjud  kdks@sksk.sw | 10.08.2019, 09:15
Josh Bell | 28.07.2019, 22:59

I am a writer with The Hockey Writers. I would like to request permission to use the Hlinka Gretzky Logo in a couple of articles.

Thank you very much,

Josh Bell
MichaelTodia | 09.03.2019, 02:15
SVK vs. CAN Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup 2017 Statisti | 11.08.2017, 08:20
To Whom it May Concern,

While watching your live Youtube Broadcast of Slovakia vs. Canada, which took place on Wednesday August 9th, it came to my attention that a statistical error took place. At approximately 1:22:40 into the broadcast, AKIL THOMAS (#16) of Team Canada retrieved the puck at centre ice and made a cross ice pass to defensemen KEVIN BAHL (#2), who then made a pass to BARRETT HAYTON (#21) who proceeded to score Canada´s third goal of the contest. On the official game sheet, the goal was recorded as being scored by Barrett Hayton, which is indeed true, but assisted by Kevin Bahl and NOAH DOBSON. After rewatching the game, it is evident that this is not the case.

Taking into considering the prestige of this international tournament as well as the value of a single point, I have chosen to contact you in the hope you will rectify this error.
test | 08.08.2017, 15:06
Peter Loubardias | 03.08.2017, 17:23
Will the games be streamed live this year.
sticman | 12.08.2016, 22:05
Does anyone know where can I buy tickets for the bronze/final game?
alex | 10.08.2016, 07:47
Czech group
Slovak group
Elli | 08.08.2016, 13:53
Where we can find live streams of games? Smajlík
swiss | 08.08.2016, 12:26
Where we can find live streams of games?
Andreas | 08.08.2016, 11:34
Will there be any stream of today´s games?
Kim Keane | 04.08.2016, 01:49
Hello will the games be streamed for 2016 u18 teams?
BF | 15.08.2015, 12:53
Will Russia-Finland bronzematch be streamed?
Just asking  | 14.08.2015, 18:17
is there fin - swe stream available?
rg  | 14.08.2015, 18:04
stream dont work
About stats  | 13.08.2015, 08:28

Official stats of Team Finland players are incorrect.

Otto Makinen has already 4 goals 1 assist
Janne Kuokkanen (not Koukkanen Smajlík )has 5 assist
Eetu Tuulola has 2 goals 2 assist

..according to game details in this site.
R. Bonauer | 10.08.2015, 18:12
Bei den Teams wurde die Schweiz vergessen!

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Pre-tournament games

21.6. - The final pre-tournament games will be played on Saturday, 29th July. The Czech Republic will host Canada in Břeclav at 18:30 CET, 12:30 ET. Meanwhile, Slovakia will host the USA in Trenčín at 17:00 CET. Coverage of these games will be available at

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1.6. - The official instagram of Hlinka Gretzky Cup is availible here.

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